terms and conditions




Building construction: specifications quality assurance reports
Biology: documentation
Chemical technology: pharmaceutical documentation and research reports; nutrition, dietetics; documentation for the plastics and plastic products industries
Communication: correspondence of all kinds press releases - websites
Medical science: instructions for use doctor's certificates - expert's appraisals reports, press releases - web texts
Trade and economics: general terms and conditions - purchasing and sales terms and conditions - quotations - procedures various types of contracts - letters of application
Quality assurance management: work instructions procedures - plan of approach
Marketing: marketing plans
Environmental technology: press releases - research reports waste processing procedures
Training and secondary training: training material references
Law: government reports - marriage-related documents wills - judgments summonses various types of deed - bailiff's notifications
Advertising: brochures catalogues - promotional texts and websites
Sport: diving documentation
Tourism: information material - travel descriptions - guided tours
Safety: safety training courses - safety data sheets - safety regulations